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Who offers FreeBSD hosting?

For some reason I hear one question increasingly often lately: "Where can I host my FreeBSD stuff?" This is a short article about different VPS and cloud hosting offers with either good FreeBSD support or the ability to install whatever you like from ISO images (including FreeBSD, obviously).

Official FreeBSD AMIs for AWS

There has been some really good news recently for users of AWS, who -like me- have a keen interest in running FreeBSD there. Previously there was only an unofficial source for FreeBSD AMIs (or semi-official, given that the person behind it is a former FreeBSD Security Officer). However, a couple of weeks ago, the FreeBSD team have included the generation of fresh AMIs into their regular snapshot schedule.

FreeBSD on the desktop? Am I crazy?

As you can tell, I've been busy both with work and with things that nerds do for fun. As for the latter, one of my long-term ToDo items was to evaluate whether FreeBSD can serve my needs on the desktop, maybe even on the laptop.

Virtualisation with FreeBSD and VirtualBox

There's not a lot of choice for FreeBSD users who want to run virtual machines on a FreeBSD server. There's of course Jails, which is perfect if you want to run only FreeBSD guests. And there's some development taking place in order to run Xen Dom0 on FreeBSD, but I don't think that's anywhere near usable yet.