Moving from Wordpress/Confluence to Pelican

Over the last years, I have been running a blog based on Wordpress, and also maintained a wiki site for small how-to's and tutorials, which I deemed worth sharing. Those were both hosted on individual instances in EC2 (no redundancy needed for those few crazies who come along and actually read that stuff!) :)

I decided to do away with them. I write rarely and use only a fraction of the features. Hence I thought I'd go with a static blog/wiki generator instead. I'm a Python guy (if I have to touch programming languages), so I went with Pelican. Admittedly, I haven't compared many generators at all. I tried it, thought it would get the job done, and went with it.

It'll take a while until I have the most important bits transferred over to the new site, but it will make it easier to maintain. I genuinely applied security patches more often than I wrote articles, never mind the unnecessary costs of running those instances.

So this new blog (with some tutorials in it) will run as static html straight off AWS S3/Cloudfront, which is quite cheap in comparison and certainly more resilient than single instances could ever be. Built-in redundancy, so to speak.

As for the comments: I went with Disqus, which is free, doesn't have a too disruptive design, and is widely used.

So anyway, expect this blog to grow a little in the next days and weeks, in reverse chronological order! :)

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