Carsten aka "sysconfig" is a systems administrator working mainly with RHEL/Centos and FreeBSD. Over the last couple (of more than 15) years, the focus has been shifting more towards the planning and implementation of application infrastructure, virtualisation, cloud and automation (typically called DevOps these days).

Over the years he has been working as a contractor/consultant with big clients in various areas, including ISPs, TV/production, publishing, and legal.

His spare time -- if any -- belongs to his family and motorcycle (the latter has been a little bit neglected recently, though).

While usually in favour of medium-term contracts (arround the half year mark), Carsten is always up for challenging and interesting short-term or part-time projects.

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If you have any remarks, requests (including contract work), or anything else which isn't suitable to be published as a comment, please feel free to contact me.

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